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      Pet Health Insurance for your Dog or Cat

However your pets came into your life, they’re members of your family. You shouldn’t have to make tough choices when veterinary bills start adding up because they get sick or hurt. That's why we sell Pests Best Insurance. Pets Best offers plans that reimbursement up to 90% of the cost of eligible Veterinary Treatments. Get flexible accident, illness, and routine care coverage that you can customize to your pet and your budget. You can choose to go to any veterinarian, that includes while traveling.

Pets Best offers several plans:

The Best Benefit Accident and Illness is the most popular and comprehensive plan. This customizable plan includes an unlimited annual limit option and can help with unexpected emergencies and illnesses like:

  • Accidents including broken bones, lacerations or car accidents.

  • Illnesses including cancer, diabetes, allergies, arthritis and skin and ear infections.

  • Surgery, prescription medicines, cancer treatments and physical rehabilitation.

The price of a Best Benefit Accident and Illness plan is based on your pet’s age, breed, and location; so you’ll need to get a quote to see the premiums for your pet.


Accident-Only is a budget-friendly plan that can help with costs related to accidents — but doesn’t cover illnesses. Regardless of age or breed, it’s available at a monthly rate of $6 for cats and $9 for dogs. 

You can add optional Wellness Routine Care coverage to the Best Benefit Accident and Illness plan. It offers two tiers of coverage to help pay for routine care veterinary visits like annual check-ups, vaccinations and preventative medication for fleas and ticks.

Keep in mind, pet insurance offers coverage for future health issues that may occur — it won’t cover a health issue that has already started. So, it’s best to enroll your puppy or kitten while it’s still young, or your newly adopted pet as soon as possible.


The ease of a claim

If you need to file a pet health insurance claim, it’s as simple as taking a picture on your phone, uploading it to the Pets Best website or mobile app and reimbursements are usually direct deposited into your account in 30 days or less. You can also use the app to check the status of your claim, access policy details and retrieve your claim history.

The best part of purchasing your pet insurance with the Lundgren  Agency is  we donate 100% of our commission from every pet policy we sell, to a local Pet Shelter at the end of every year. Please check out our " Community Giveback" photos under the About US tab to see the donations we have been able to make to help out our local animal shelters.  We have partnered with Kimbrough Animal hospital to spread the word about getting every dog and cat insured.

                                  When your pup or cat joins the  Lundgren Agency Fur Family they will receive:

                                   *  Welcome bag from us filled with information and goodies

                                   *  Their picture goes on our pet board and are announced on Facebook so everyone can see how Paw-Some they are.

                                   *  We send your fur baby a Birthday Card, Christmas Card and of course a Thank you  card letting them know that

                                      because their parents purchased Pet Insurance, we were able to donate this amount to this shelter to help their fur                                          friends out.

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