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If your family enjoys the great outdoors, we’ll bet favorite activities include recreational vehicles. Maybe you spend summers waterskiing at the lake. You may enjoy exploring the backcountry on ATVs or snowmobiles. Or you might consider an RV the perfect way to travel and experiencing new places, but still getting to spend every night in your own bed.

We understands your active lifestyle and want to make sure you protect that vehicle and all the extras that go with it.  We are here to help you choose the coverage that is best for these vehicles no matter which one you decide to purchase for a fun time and make sure the vehicle, you and your family are fully covered and protected. 

There’s a motor home for just about any taste and budget. You might have something basic — just enough to add a few amenities to your camping trips. Perhaps you retired, sold the house and travel full-time in a luxuriously outfitted 40-foot RV. Maybe you split the difference with a Class C motorhome you can easily store in your driveway.

Any motorhome is a significant purchase — and, while it might seem like a house on wheels, that doesn’t mean your home or auto insurance policy provide the coverage you want.  We can help you get the correct coverage you need to protect your motor home.

What Does Recreational Vehicle Insurance Cover?

RV insurance policies cover direct and accidental physical damage to a motor home, including permanently installed accessories such as: awnings, antennas and satellite dishes. The range of includes — but isn’t limited to — collision, lightning, flooding, landslides, wind and hail, wild animals, fire and smoke, vandalism and theft, and trees and overhangs.

A standard Farmers RV insurance policy may help with potential risks like these:

A low-hanging branch causes damage

As you’re pulling into the campground, a low-hanging branch damages your satellite dish and cracks a skylight.

You don’t see an obstacle behind you

While backing your RV into a parking spot, you don’t see low concrete poles protecting the water hookup. The collision leaves your motor home with a crumpled bumper and broken spare tire cover.

Your motor home has flood damage

You’re parked next to a river that floods unexpectedly after a heavy rainstorm — leaving your motor home sitting in three feet of water.

You can also customize your RV insurance coverage with a number of options:

  • Total Loss Replacement coverage can help if your new motor home is declared a total loss within the first five years — providing a brand new replacement of a similar kind and quality.

  • Emergency Expense coverage can help with the cost of lodging or travel if your motor home is damaged more than 50 miles from home.

  • Campsite/Vacation Liability coverage can help when a motor home is parked and used as a vacation residence.

  • Replacement Cost coverage can help if personal belongings are destroyed or stolen.

  • TraveLine® Towing and Roadside Assistance can help with towing, tire changes, fluid delivery and locksmith services.

  • Full-Timer coverage can help with personal liability protection when your motor home is parked and used as a dwelling for an extended period of time.

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