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Doctor and Patient

Personal injury protection (PIP) is a type of car insurance that covers expenses like medical bills, lost wages, or funeral costs. PIP covers you and your passengers when you are in a car accident, regardless of fault. 

PIP- Personal Injury Protection

What does PIP cover?

*   PIP covers medical and non medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost income, childcare expenses, 

    survivors’ loss benefits, and household services for a car accident for both you and your

    passenger, no matter who is at fault.

*  Non medical expenses may include loss wages or the extra cost of hiring services for things you

    cannot do because of your injury.

*  PIP can also provide coverage if you are injured in or by someone else's car or even as a 


*  PIP is always included in Texas auto policies.  However, if you decline it, you must provide a signed

    form stating that you are waiving PIP.

EXAMPLE: If you are in an accident and the passenger you hit has hurt their wrist.  They are a hair dresser and unable to preform their daily job and miss 2 weeks of work,  Your PIP would reimburse your passenger for the time missed from work. 

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